Jess Boudrie is a comic creator hailing from Michigan. He teamed up with his long time friend Aaron Balogh to create the webcomic Dax. He then went on to write and illustrate Nightmaiden.
A child of the 80s, Jess is heavily influenced by the cartoons he watched growing up and that is reflected in his art style and subject matter of giant robots, mutants and monsters. A lover of science fiction and fantasy he spends his free time playing Dungeons & Dragons, video games and still watching the same shows he loved as a youth.
Primarily working digitally in Manga Studio EX4 and Photoshop, Jess will sometimes venture back into his roots of ink, board and marker.
Here you can find his complete portfolio, links to his comics, check out what events he’s doing next, and even pick up some original art in his store!